Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday Pics

The staff gathers before Wednesday's classes get underway.
Front Row: Steve Hansen, Paul Manning, Tim Goins, Leonard Spell,
Sue Clay, Randy Clay
Second Row: Alex Clay, Terry Hatmaker, Scott Sturdivant,
Kristi Murray, Sharman Pepper
Back Row: Aaron Kangas, Tom Pelphrey, Ron Bearden

Alex makes some exciting announcements

Attendees applaud one of the answers during Q&A

One of the conference benefits is having Paul review your data!

Tim does phone support for those who couldn't join us

Our Director of Training hard at work

We owe a huge "Thanks" to Edmond and the rest of the
Seelbach staff. They were superb at anticipating our needs.

Goodbye from Louisville and the Seelbach Hilton

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful conference -- my first. The hotel was fabulous and the CDM+ information is still being processed by my hard working brain.
    Thanks to everyone for a great time!