Thursday, October 29, 2009

Suran 2009 Wrap-Up

Your roving Suran correspondent tried mightily to update you on Wednesday's happenings while it was still Wednesday, but alas...not to be.

Here it is Thursday morning and we're back in the office, back to routine and—to answer a question one of you just asked our receptionist—back to regular support hours, too.

Wednesday is finally coming into focus; yesterday it was still a blur. Between interviewing participants and snapping photos for posterity, this photographer/reporter did pause to listen to and try to absorb all the news we heard from Randy and Alex at yesterday's general session. WOW!

Those of you who attended Suran 2009 were the first to hear what's coming for CDM+, and it's exciting. In fact, the crowd broke into applause several times during Alex's presentation.

Among other things, we'll be adding several tools to the Web Ministry Toolkit. But, why wait? As Tom Black pointed out on Tuesday, WMT is already a powerful way to bring the useful information that's in CDM+ to the people who need it.

Knowing that Wednesday was the last day of Suran 2009, your reporter made an extra effort to collect feedback. Almost everyone agreed to chat about both CDM+ and the conference, and for that we say, "Thanks!" In addition to Web Ministry Tools, Check-In/Check-Out and Enhanced Notices seemed to generate the most comments. We also had lots of people realize the advantages of data hosting and inquire about moving to that.

We could go on and on, but we'll just take the chance to say that once again, the CDM+ staff was blessed by your presence at the conference. The Annual Users Conference energizes those who attend and, once we get a few nights' rest, those of us who work for Suran Systems as well.

If you weren't able to join us this year, please make plans to be at Suran 2010.

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